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Implementing the Street Vendors Act

Women’s Work, Social Value, and the Complex Story of “Recycled Meat”

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Visible But Unseen: The Material Cultures of Los Angeles’s Indoor Swap Meets

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New York May Finally Offer Vendors Some Relief

New York's Street Vendors Just Scored a Major Victory

No Papers, No Jobs: The New Street Vendors of Queens

Yogurt Ladies of South Korea Deliver More than Dairy

Alibaba Wants a Hema Supermarket in Every Big Chinese City

For Indian Workers as Cooks and Nannies, No #MeToo Moment

A Portrait of a Market in India Run Solely by Women

Outdoor Dining in N.Y.C. Will Become Permanent

Art of Migrant Anguish and Anger

Street Food, Spatial Struggles, and Citizenship

Koreatown’s Outdoor Dining Resembles Seoul’s Iconic Tented Street Food Stalls in Los Angeles

Support for Women Informal Workers is Urgent as Pandemic Unfolds in South Africa

China once banned street vendors-Now it welcomes them

NYPD Will Finally Stop Policing Street Food Vendors

The National Agenda For Street Vendor Justice Townhall

Ice Creams Trucks are Essential in New York City

India’s Supreme Court Fails to Protect Migrant Workers’ Rights

Once Again, LA Has Failed Its Street Vendors

In Vast Informal Economy, Pandemic Adds to Pressure

For India’s Laborers, Coronavirus Lockdown Is an Order to Starve

A Food Cart Worker’s Biggest Job: Defending Vendor Rights

Johannesburg Police Department Impound Sandwiches for Sale on the Street

Why Shutting Down Chinese ‘Wet Markets’ could be a Terrible Mistake

Are LA’s Food Trucks in Danger of Going Extinct?

Adda and Lemon Tea at Shaheen Bagh

Syntopic Landscape: The Wholesale Supply Market at Oaxaca

Five Bay Area Food Trucks that Put Regional Mexican Dishes on the Map

The Death and Life of Public Space in Great American Cities

Bangkok City Planners see Street Food as a Mess to Clean

Crackdowns on Pasta-Making Women Could Threaten Their Livelihoods

Re-Imagining Delhi’s Master Plan to Benefit Informal Workers

NYPD Arrests Another Subway Churro Vendor

Nightly Feasts of Los Angeles’ Little Guatemala

Street Food is Making a Comeback in Japan

First Indian Law to Free Hawkers From Eviction Threat in Dehli

Terra-Cotta Water Pots Quenching Myanmar’s Thirst Vanish from City Streets

Street Vendors Aren’t Enemies in New York’s Sunset Park

Food Businesses in Los Angeles’ Ethnic Enclaves

The Social Consequences of Food Delivery Applications

India: The Interconnections between Informal and Formal Labor

Bengali Snacks in Queens’ Jackson Heights

London Street Food to be Eco-Friendly

Khokha Owners take Islamabad CDA to Court

Taste of Home for California’s Punjabi Truck Drivers

Chicago Vendor Celebrates After Lengthy Wait for License

Solar Panels Power Kampala Street Food Vendors

Chicago Vendors’ Pool Funds for Commercial Kitchens

Traffic Congestion Threatening Roadside Vendors in Delhi

An Indian Market Run by 4,000 Women

Nestle and NASVI Launch New Project: ‘Serve Safe Food’

Manila Officials Treat Street Vendors as Problems

Queens Nightmarket Heads to Midtown

Mexico City’s La Central de Abasto: A Market as a Village

Will Portland’s Development Boom Leave Room for its Food Carts?

Cosmopolitan Snacking: Street Food in Warsaw

Delhi’s Free Public Transportation to Improve the Livelihoods for Women Vendors

Hot Dog Vendor on the Cover of The New Yorker

Food Stall Expulsion in Berlin’s Thaipark

Japanese City Bans Tourists from Walking while Eating

Ice Cream Trucks Towed in Midtown Manhattan

New York City Council Hearing on Street Food Vending- April 2019

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Netflix’s New Series: Street Food

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