Research Summaries

by Ryan Devlin & Sarah K. Khan

Ryan Devlin discusses his research on street food and public space in New York.

Sarah K. Khan discusses her multimedia work on carts, caterers and social diversity in Queens, New York.

City Food Workshop

by Daniel Bender, Vidya Balachander, Tiana Bakić Hayden, Anna Greenspan, and Fabio Parasecoli & Mateusz Halawa


Daniel Bender- Satay Vending and Good Taste Politics in Colonial and Post-Colonial Singapore

Vidya Balachander- Ammachis: Building a New Street Food Paradigm in Northern Sri Lanka


Tiana Bakić Hayden
Street Food Vending as Urban Infrastructure in Mexico City

Anna Greenspan- Deep Mapping Shanghai’s Street Food

Fabio Parasecoli & Mateusz Halawa- Cosmopolitan Snacking: Street Food in Warsaw

Introductory and Closing Comments

by Krishnendu Ray, Amita Baviskar & Joseph Heathcott

Re-Thinking Street Food-SOAS Food Studies Centre

Keynote Address by Krishnendu Ray

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