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Project Description

We are a group of scholars, teachers, curators, public historians, and advocates dedicated to the study of food in the city. Our work focuses on street food vending and markets in the Global North and South. We investigate laws, policies, and the built environment to learn how they impact the livelihoods of vendors, the lives of urban residents, and the liveliness of cities. Using historical and comparative methods, we study the past, present, and projected future of street food vending.

Our Objectives

  1. Develop this website as a collaborative hub and link to other organizations doing exemplary work on street vending globally. We are particularly interested in globalization from below.
  2. Conduct workshops to exchange ideas and activities to produce scholarly papers, action plans, policy recommendations and performance projects.
  3. Collaborate with street vendor advocacy groups in various cities.
  4. Produce useful material to enable public engagement outside the academy by collaborating with curators and public historians to produce an exhibit on street vending in time and place.
  5. Produce a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal on street vending.
  6. Produce an edited volume on street vending.
  7. Write grants to develop research and insight on sustainable development, urban planning, and street vending.