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How To Run Brooklyn’s Legendary Tamale Cart |

                                                                          New York Times (2022)

Lovely work @priyakrishna of NYTimes on Sonia, her tamales, her family, her peers on the streets of New York and her Union Street Vendor Project

COVID 19 – Informal Labor in India

Visualizing the Virus Series (2021)


A conversation with Shalini Sinha-Country Representative WIEGO and Krishnendu Ray- Chair of New York University’s Department of Nutrition and Food Studies

Introducing City Food

@ Scarborough Fare: UTSC Culinaria Research Centre Conference (2016)

Plenary Panel – City Food: Lessons from People on the Move (Watch here at day 2 of the conference)


Essential or Expendable? Food Vendors as Community and Economy Builders in New York (2020)

A conversation with Mohamed Attia (Director) and Carina Kaufman- Gutierrez (Deputy Director) of the Street Vendor Project

Video Competition

by Elisabet Ollé and Noah Allison (2020)

Elisabet Ollé and Noah Allison submit this 90 second clip to the American Institute of Architects 2020 Film Challenge asking “what can COVID-19 teach us about public spaces?”

Research Discussion


by Debal Deb (2019)

Debal Deb is the founder of Basudha, a rice conservation farm in India that has created a massive seed bank that houses and preserves rare indigenous rice. In this video Debal discusses the social and political nuances of seed saving while advocating for community led models of agriculture and knowledge sharing.

Research Summaries

by B. Lynne Milgram (2017), Scott Alves Barton, Ryan Devlin, & Sarah K. Khan (2019)

Scott Alves Barton discusses his work on the cultural politics of street food in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.
For more, see his recent paper, “FIFA vs. As Baianas de Acaraje and the Politics of the Cultural Imaginary,” in Urban Foodways and Communication: Ethnographic Studies in Intangible Cultural Food Heritages Around the World, edited by Casey Man Kong Lum and Marc de Ferrière le Vayer, Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.

Ryan Devlin discusses his research on street food and public space in New York

Sarah K. Khan discusses her multimedia work on carts, caterers and social diversity in Queens, New York

City Food Workshop

by Daniel Bender, Vidya Balachander, Tiana Bakić Hayden, Anna Greenspan, and Fabio Parasecoli & Mateusz Halawa (2018)


Daniel Bender- Satay Vending and Good Taste Politics in Colonial and Post-Colonial Singapore


Vidya Balachander- Ammachis: Building a New Street Food Paradigm in Northern Sri Lanka


Tiana Bakić Hayden
Street Food Vending as Urban Infrastructure in Mexico City

Anna Greenspan- Deep Mapping Shanghai’s Street Food


Fabio Parasecoli & Mateusz Halawa- Cosmopolitan Snacking: Street Food in Warsaw


Introductory and Closing Comments

by Krishnendu Ray, Amita Baviskar & Joseph Heathcott (2018)

Re-Thinking Street Food-SOAS Food Studies Centre

Keynote Address by Krishnendu Ray (2019)